3 Dimensional Success

On a warm spring night in March, I debuted my 3D art to the world in St. Petersburg, FL at the ArtPool Gallery.  The night was filled with amazing costumes and bodypaint that amazed the eyes which created the perfect setting for my 3D art which was also designed to amaze.


This night forever changed my art and my studio.  It was the most successful show I’ve ever had.  I made more connections and new friends.  I told the stories behind the work, and I had Luna Rae on hand to help bring the photos to life (she was featured in 2 on hand).  There were over 200 people on hand that night that saw my work and I even became inspired to take my 3D to a whole new level.

The comments were incredible!

“I am completely blown away!  These are amazing, you managed to take art to a whole new level”


“You hit it out of the ball park”


“I’m a professional photographer, I’ve been to shows in Vegas and Los Angeles and your work my friend makes mine look amateur.  Your vision for creativity is by far one of the most powerful I’ve seen.  This would win you best in show at the show’s I’ve participated at.”


“OMG!  You completely brought these to life.  I noticed something a bit strange like they were blurry but they were so gorgeous none the less but you put on those glasses and BAM!  I am awestruck right now”

“You are going to do more of these right?  These are incredible”

Those are just a few of the comments I received.  Those comments inspired me to do more shows with my 3D work.  I plan on spreading out these shows to different areas and not showing in the same location more than 2 times a year.  You won’t see the same work twice either.

This show has refueled my desire to bring my work to life in ways most people won’t even think about.  The only way you will see these photos are in person!

The show runs till 4/21/15 so if you missed the grand unveil you can stop by ArtPool Gallery on Central Ave and see the display.  Act fast because once it’s gone, it’s gone!

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