A Beautiful World Series

FlagTake a look around you and what do you see?  I see a world of unique cultures that have different religious beliefs, different ways of dressing, different skin colors, facial structures, morals, and foods.  Each one of these countries, even if you haven’t heard of them, have contributed to something in this world.

The problem today is we are so judgmental.  Racism does reign supreme and unfortunately there are many profound leaders who use it to promote reverse hate, and some even keep it alive in order to get “benefits” in some way.  Racism is simply ignorance.  When it’s taught right and not focused on, we grow scales on our eyes to our differences and form a unity among each other.

That’s what A Beautiful World art series is all about.  It shows you how unique we are, how beautiful we are and how the same we all are in one series.  My goal is to photograph every country in the world (1 representative) to wear a native dress and act out native customs to form an amazing collection that will tackle racism and discrimination.

I got the idea for the series while taking a trip to Disney a few years ago riding on “It’s a Small World”.  I love how that ride inspires us to think about how our differences and our similarities make us a world of incredible people.

I hope when you see this series it will inspire you to take a different look at your fellow man!

  Jason Dowd  /    October 6, 2014  /   Jason's Journal  /   0 Comments
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