A Haunted Soul



About the Book

Most people go through life wondering what happens when we die.  Do ghosts exist?  It’s a question that has eluded people for eternity.  Most people would love to see a ghost just for validation once in their life.  For Jason Dowd, he’s seen multiple ghosts from the early age of 6.

Throughout his life he’s experienced every kind of haunting, including a demonic haunt that changed his life forever.  He later found out he had a twin sister who protected him from many of these haunts except he didn’t know she existed as she died before birth.

This book tells you some of his most vivid nightmares and up close ghostly encounters.  He’ll take you face to face with the fear of dealing with ghosts and how he can communicate with them.

You’ll also see the artwork he created inspired by these encounters throughout the book.


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The book can be purchased in print and digital versions.  Just click the appropriate link:

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