About Jason Dowd

Jason Dowd
“My art merges the past with the present, beauty with ugly, good with bad and tells stories that words are not powerful enough to convey. I seek out and find elements that exemplify my inner mind and heart, to tell the story or strike the emotion I envisioned for each piece I create.”

Questions and Answers – About Jason Dowd

Q – Where Were Your Born?
A – I was born in Bristol, Connecticut on November 1, 1978.  Bristol is the home of ESPN and is a town founded mainly by German immigrants.  Since I was born in the fall, I truly believe it’s the main reason why I love this season and have such a connection to it.

Q – What Got You Into Photography and Art?
A – That question is a great question.  Well as far as art is concerned I never really had lots of friends.  Most of the time I sat alone at home because the closest friend was a few blocks away and I was too young to go see them.  Instead of companionship I took up a pencil and paper and drew.  I loved it and it grew from there.  Next thing I know I started to become better and better and finally it blossomed into something I make a living on.  I am not the best artist, but I love the fundamentals and expression behind it.  In 1990 when we moved to Florida my parents got me involved in a private art class to keep me social since now I knew absolutely nobody!  It was the highlight of my week.

As far as photography.  My father was an amateur photographer.  He had his own developer (which is still in my Uncle’s basement since the move) and some great cameras.  He never let me touch them seeing how expensive they were, so my parents got me an 18mm flash cube camera and let me loose!  I started taking pictures capturing a point of view and depth.  The pictures were horrible but others saw that vision and tried to get me to hone my skill.  I never took up any formal training, I just went wild.  In 2002 I joined Picture People taking portraits.  My portraits sold heavy because I did what the establishment didn’t want.  Because of that I was told stick to the script or leave.  They were willing to let me go, not because of my lack of skill but thinking outside the box to bring something amazing to the parents who hired us.  So with that mentality I left and started my own studio in 2003.

Q – What Equipment Do I Use
A – Without giving up any secrets, I generally use Canon products.  I love the color and I feel it fits my hands better.  Don’t get me wrong Minolta has some great products but for me I just prefer Canon.  Studio equipment differs because I have flash strobes and fills, however I seldom use flash or studio lighting whenever possible.

Q – Am I happy with the Choices I’ve Made In My Life
A – I live for the mantra to never regret anything.  If there are opportunities and challenges I take them because it could completely change my life.  Sure I’ve made some decisions and tried things that didn’t work but I learned something from each happening within my life.  If I did not learn or find a way to grow from these instances then yes I would have regrets, but no I have no regrets.  I am very happy with all the choices I’ve made.  I still have dreams that I should try to shoot for so there are no regrets unless I can’t make those dreams a reality before I die.

Q – Why horror
A – I choose horror because you can become very creative.  There are no limits to the scenarios or the makeup you can use to create the amazing effects.

Q – Where Do You Find Inspiration
A – I find inspiration everywhere because I keep my eyes open to the world around me.  I have certain “Happy Places” like Disney and St. Augustine that peak my interests.  I love Disney because it’s a world of make-believe and it allows me to escape to a place that breeds creativity to recharge my battery.  St. Augustine with the history and atmosphere gives me the feel I try to accomplish only there you live it!



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