About The Studio

MISSION STATEMENT The purpose of my art is to push the limits of one’s imagination by opening their eyes to different visual stimuli that will invoke thought; regardless if that thought produces a positive or negative thought or emotion. I want my art to change people’s lives and perspectives on various things getting them to at least consider something new or accept something they may not know about instead of judging something or someone blindly. I want my art to tell stories, preserve our history and archive our surroundings for generations to experience.
OTHER EXPERIENCES: You can find more experiences by Jason Dowd and Dowd Studios by clicking these links:

  • http://exploringtheparanormal.com (XTP Paranormal Investigation Group)
  • http://theexpressionist.com (The Expressionist Magazine)
  • http://dowdstudios.com (Photography/Website Design Studio)
  • http://amfm247.com (Online/Terrestrial Radio Station)







Our Last Awards

2012 Best in Show
Place: Artistic Studio 30 - Tarpon Springs, FL
Year: 2012
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