AMFM247 Broadcasting Network to Play Our Videos

Video projects completed by Imagine-Nation Art Studio or Dowd Studios, LLC since 2009 have been picked up by AMFM247 Broadcasting Network.  In addition to these projects, future projects will also be included as they are completed.

AMFM247 Broadcasting Network places quality TV shows & series on their digital broadcasting network which includes:  Roku, GoogleTV, YouTube, Vimeo, TikiLive, WorldTV and more.  All shows are “on demand” so you can pick and choose what projects you want to watch from Imagine-Nation Art Studios to help enhance “the experience”.

Over the years Dowd Studios/Imagine-Nation Art Studio has produced a variety of music videos, art pieces, and event coverage that will surely entertain you.  The first projects to go on this network include: “A New Way to Fly” the original music video for Country Music Recording Artist C.P. Kelley – “Shake the Cage” the original music video for Holes and Hearts off their debut CD “Holes and Hearts”, this music video was featured on Brighthouse’s You On Demand” – and “Dreams, Nightmares, Fears and Fantasy VOL 1” art collection.  This video contains all the photos from the famed collection that started it all for Jason Dowd.  The video puts powerful music to a powerful story and photos from the collection to tell one amazing tale that will surely touch your soul.

Want to see the station?  It’s FREE if you have a Roku account.  To add the channel simply log into your Roku account on your computer, then click this link.

Once you do, hit add station and then look for Imagine Nation Studio.  You can also view any of the other great programming they have accessible 24/7!

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