ArtPool Gallery – Mad Hatter Masquerade Ball – 3/21/15

On March 21, 2015 I will debut my 3D art to the world at the Mad Hatter Masquerade Ball at ArtPool Gallery in St. Petersburg.  My 3D series can only be seen in person.

WHERE:  ArtPool Gallery and Boutique
WHEN:   March 21, 2015 @ 8:00 PM to Midnight
ADDRESS:  2030 Central Ave., St. Petersburg, FL 33712
GALLERY PHONE:  727-324-3878



Internationally Exhibiting Photographer Jason Dowd of Imagine-Nation Art Studio announced today that he will debut his anticipated 3D photographic art at ArtPool Gallery in St. Petersburg, FL on March 21, 2015 starting at 8:00 PM.

Dowd is famous for his hauntingly beautiful “Dreams, Nightmares, Fears and Fantasy” collection which depicts horror and the macabre while adding fantasy creatures, fairytales, and make believe.  This is why he calls his series “Dreams, Nightmares, Fears and Fantasy”.

For this show Dowd is debuting “re-mastered” photos from this series and his never before seen “Morbid Sensations” collections in 3D.  His 3D pictures and “Morbid Sensations” have never been seen anywhere in the United States until they appear at ArtPool Gallery.

Dowd promises that his 3D art will not be available online or on any of his social media sites.  You must come and see them if you want to experience the work.

Since 2014 he’s been searching for a way to find a new way to take his art to a new level.  The idea of 3D came when he and his wife visited Disney World in December.  There he visited Mickey’s Philharmagic 3D show.  During that show he experienced a rare equipment failure with his 3D glasses; that allowed him to see how 3D looked and felt.  He came home and experimented with his work and accomplished the effect.

When asked about showing at ArtPool Gallery and what it means to debut his work here Dowd said “I absolutely LOVE ArtPool Gallery” says Dowd and adds “I’ve shown here before.  The store is filled with art, vintage clothes, food and antiques, three things I love the most. Marina is an amazing individual who built this store and welcomes so many artists to display here.  She is a pillar for the art community here in St. Petersburg and I am so happy I can debut this work in her establishment.  Plus while I am here I get to shop for costumes for my art.  It’s a wi- win.”

This is the first show Dowd has shown in the Tampa Bay area since May of 2014.  Since then his work has been seen in Columbus, OH for a four month stint.

His work will be on display during ArtPool Gallery’s “The Mad Hatters Masquerade Ball”.  This event requires a red hat and mask for the event.  Williams throws other amazing events monthly so visit her website at for all the details.

Dowd promises this event will be a do not miss event.  Not only does ArtPool Gallery put on epic shows but he has a few perks for those who attend.  Dowd will personally be on hand to meet and greet all those who stop by to see the work.  He will have models dressed in costume from his work and he will tell the stories behind the idea or what inspired the work.

There will be 3D glasses you will be able to use to view the work.  After each use they are sterilized for the next individual.  Each piece will have a 3D version and a smaller regular version next to it.

Interviews are available.  For more information about Dowd or to see his work visit

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