Bowing Down To Your Haters

I started my photographic art series back in 2010.  One of the main themes I wanted to include was Angels.  I love the theme  because Angels are not only beautiful but powerful protectors and a symbol of God’s true love.  After I started to produce some of these images I quickly ran into criticism.

In one gallery I had some of my angel pictures hanging.  When I came in to see how the display was going and to receive feedback I was shocked when they were pulled (just the angel ones).  The response on why they were taken down was “a lot of people were offended by the pictures and the outcry was so great we had to take them down”.

That made me think a little.  This is America last time I checked right?  RIGHT.  It’s a country of free speech as long as we don’t promote hate right?  RIGHT.  The United States is a country where many beliefs and theories can be expressed for those to decide if they approve or not, right?  RIGHT… so why am I being censored.

By viewing my angel pics NOBODY was forced into nor converted into Christianity nor the afterlife unless they chose to allow that to happen.  They had the same opportunity to close their eyes to it as they had to open their eyes to it.  Nobody forced them to buy these pieces so what was the problem.

The problem is people take offense to anything that they don’t agree with and when they are offended they force those who support or allow the contradiction to cower or face problems.  I’m not that way so it’s hard to understand the logic.  There are a lot of things I disagree with or find immoral but I don’t freak out and silence anyone I disagree with.

We are in a state of political correctness which we please one side by silencing another from expressing their views.  This causes a world I don’t want to be a part of.

In life we need contradicting view points.  We need people to disagree with choices.  It’s how we handle it that should change.  If you don’t like angels don’t censor the work and force the establishment to ban it with a tantrum.  Instead be an adult, look at it, and give it a shot… if you don’t like it or wish to still not open your eyes then walk away.  You can express your opinion if you wish too but don’t silence anything.

Just because you don’t believe in angels nor wish to see them there are millions out there that do. Who are you to force millions to miss out because you and others feel differently. By forcing one side on anyone for any reason we lose our expression, we create a world of mindless drones and worst of all lose our individuality.  You must respect other’s opinions and beliefs as much as they need to respect yours.

One thing that really bothers me about our mentality when people disagree with our lifestyles or points of view is that we take it as hate.  Unless they want to kill you, torture you, call you horrific names including “Bigot”, then they don’t hate you.  You can’t and shouldn’t take it to heart.  To hate someone is different than disagreeing with you even if you refuse to change.  Honestly if they can’t love you and your opinions for who you are because they are that intolerant then why the hell do you want them in your life in the first place.  Forcing them to accept you won’t get that hate for you out.  It’s OK to not be friends with everyone.

There are a lot of people that can’t stand my religious undertones.  Many have rebuked my Christian beliefs but they never hated me; we disagree but we are still friendly to each other.  They are NOT a bigot for not accepting me or my Christian belief, they would be bigoted if they forced someone to silence me based on my belief.

So should you bow down to your haters or those who differ in points of view.  NO! Be yourself and if they refuse to show your work based on content that is acceptable legally, then they are not worth your time. You as an artist must stay an individual as that is what art is all about.


  Jason Dowd  /    December 26, 2014  /   Jason's Journal  /   0 Comments
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