I love taking photographs, I love capturing life but there are things I think should not be photographed or at least the “way” they are photographed.  What do I mean by this?

I recently read an article in the TBT (Tampa Bay Times) that really disturbed me.  It appears that a judge in Washington D.C. ruled that it is legal for individuals to take upskirt photos of women otherwise known as Voyeurism.

The reasoning is this… “It’s unconstitutional to deny them their 1st Amendment rights.  If it’s possible to get that kind of photo in public, then it’s fair game.” So ladies I guess don’t wear skirts, dresses, short shorts or what have you.  The only thing you may wear ladies that will protect your rights is long pants or leggings.  Don’t go use a public restroom or use a changing room to try on clothes you intend to buy because those are fair game as it’s in public and you are exposing yourself even behind closed doors so technically according to this ruling it’s fair game and legal!

Talk about the “REAL” war on women.

It appears an individual in Lincoln Park, Washington D.C. was caught taking upskirt photos of unsuspecting women and posting them on the internet for all to see.  The culprit’s handle is DonkCam1.  His work can be seen on the popular website  Upon his arrest the judge acquitted him based on the arrest violated his 1st Amendment right since he managed to get the photos while in public places.  The women were ultimately in the judges eye leaving themselves vulnerable enough and therefore in a way asked for it.

This isn’t just OK in Washington D.C., it’s also OK in Texas and a few other places around the US.

To me voyeurism is just as bad if not worse worse than rape!  However those who approve or agree with the judge say “it’s no different than porn”.  Let me tell you it’s a LOT different than porn.  Let me explain, and I’ll start with the Porn Industry.

In the Porn Industry there are “willing” women who come into a studio.  When they arrive they are told what they are going to “bare” and what they will be asked to do on camera (either film or still photography).  If they agree, the producer/photographer will screen them to make sure it complies with laws regarding the woman’s age as it needs to be over the age of 21.  After verification is complete the model is then paid for her services and the act is scripted out.  She is fully aware of what she is doing and how it will forever be on photo, video or the internet (or all).

In voyeurism, the woman is doing generally everyday things when someone takes a photo of them unsuspectedly.  This can be with a camera attached to a stick and shoved under her dress.  She could be sitting down with her legs crossed, she could be crossing her legs wrong or forgot to pull the dress to cover up, thus exposing her underwear or lack of which ever the case may be; and someone photographs it.  She could go into a public bathroom where she may innocently enough have to go to the bathroom.  She pulls down her pants and sits on the toilet only there is a camera in the ceiling or in the toilet itself.  Some may go into a dressing room to try on a pair of pants or shirt and someone takes a picture of the with a hidden camera.  The photos are then used and/or sold to porn companies that profit from these unsuspecting women who’ve been violated and not compensated.  If the camera catches their face they could be recognized and lose their job, scholarship or even social stature despite the fact they never agreed to the photo.  It could ruin their lives let alone humiliate them.  WORSE PART IS… they are not screened for their age so many of these girls could be someone under the age of 18.  These women are our wives, our sisters, our mothers, our daughters.

Making the act of Voyeurism legal says that women or men who go into restrooms, go into changing rooms, or even have accidental wardrobe slips are consenting to be victims even though they don’t know it’s going on. Despite finding out they can’t deny the photographer/videographer their 1st Amendment rights despite the fact these individuals denied them their privacy.

Just because it’s in public doesn’t mean it’s fair game!  This sets up people for potential rape (especially if a guy recognizes a victim and “THINKS” they consented”), it sets people up for horrific downfalls and humiliation.  How can this be legal.  How can it be illegal to potentially hurt someone by yelling “fire’ in a crowd, but legal to potentially hurt them emotionally by taking photos they did not consent to.

There is no difference either between voyeurism and rape.   Both expose a woman or man without their consent.  Both violate their rights and privacy without their consent.  Both cause deep rooted humiliation.  Both can’t be taken back once the deed has done. Both can violate women or men underage.  The worst part about voyeurism over rape is that someone will profit over it and you will never see a dime, it promotes more of this behavior knowing it’s now legal by most judges for more and more individuals will be victims, the victim in a rape will be able to live it over in their mind and it will only be in the mind of the rapist, but in voyeurism your experience will be viewed over and over again by you and your attacker as well as the millions/billions of people that view your incident essentially raping you over and over every time someone turns it on.

THINK ABOUT THIS and tell me this is OK!  It’s NOT.  I suggest we write to every Governor, every state Senator and Congressman and voice our outrage and force them to overthrow this ruling.

Yes, the Amendments are there to guarantee us the right to live as free individuals.  These Amendments were not set to allow others to abuse us and get away with it.  The freedom of speech should not be impeded but it depends what the matter is.  Hurting an unsuspecting individual should not be protected under the 1st Amendment.


BTW… if I ever caught anyone taking a photo of my wife or daughter voyeur style, they better be prepared to experience the worst beating of their life.  I’ll shove that camera in crevices and holes they didn’t think that camera would enter and take voyeur photos of their insides if you know what I mean… and that is being nice.

  Jason Dowd  /    January 6, 2015  /   Jason's Journal  /   0 Comments
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