Internationally Exhibiting Photographer Launches 3D Photographic Art Series

(Tampa, FL – January 2, 2015) –  Internationally Exhibiting Artist/Photographer Jason Dowd wanted to do something he’s rarely seen with photographs and apply it to his art to amaze his audience.  By New Year’s Eve he achieved it; successfully turning his art into a 3D photograph.  This isn’t a 3D print used by one of those 3D printers, it’s visually 3D.

The technology fascinated him while created a huge challenge since he knew nothing about 3D.  He knew the basics from what he saw but how do you apply it… what makes it work?  Just playing around he managed to turn his images 3D!

Since he achieved the 3D result, Dowd will be actively looking for places to exhibit these images.  The images will not be available online for viewing purposes; you can only see them in person at his show.  Dowd plans to have his models reviving their characters in these photographs on hand to interact with the patrons.  He will supply the 3D glasses needed to view the pieces and a smaller version will be next to the 3D version so everyone can enjoy it.

I’ve been doing art shows and visiting other people’s art shows for many years and I’ve never seen anything like this before.  I always search for new ways to awe and excite my viewers and this is bound to do it” says Dowd

The idea came when he visited Disney World in Orlando.  He attended the “Mickey’s PhilharMagic” show which portrays the Disney characters singing their classic songs from the movies that made them famous.  The 3D show offered glasses to the patrons but Dowd’s glasses failed to work.  That allowed him to see the technology and inspired him to incorporate it with his own art.

Dowd will take some of his signature pieces from his hauntingly beautiful “Dreams, Nightmares, Fears and Fantasy” collections and some from his “Morbid Sensations” collection that will impact the senses and turn them 3D interactive.  He will also shoot a story theme strictly for 3D purposes.

Currently he’s unsure if he will sell the 3D images as of yet but he’s keeping the idea alive based on the feedback he receives.

If you want to learn more about Dowd, his art work or his studio visit  – There you can find all the upcoming shows as well.

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