Meaning Behind The Dark Ballerina

Now in Morbid Sensations

Now in Morbid Sensations

I have been an artist my whole life regardless of the medium because it’s who I am.  Since day 1 I realized the struggles and sacrifice you must make if you want your art to succeed.  I’ve spent countless nights going on one hour of sleep just so I can finish a series or collection that I hope will amaze people.

So much goes into the arts that many take it for granted since they can’t see or relate to it by looking at the finished product.  That’s what this series portrays; the struggle of the artist.

Sometimes you see her in the series wear a mask, sometimes you don’t.  That’s because sometimes they don’t want you to see what’s going on.  You see her in some dark places as that’s where our heads and soul sometimes finds itself as we try hard to create something beautiful when surrounded by something so run down and outright nasty.

However the one thing consistent is the beauty and grace the ballerina brings to the series along with power and intensity.  That is what a true artist does!

  Jason Dowd  /    July 5, 2015  /   Jason's Journal  /   0 Comments
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