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Jason Dowd – Photographer

Jason Dowd, CEO of Imagine-Nation Art Studio (a Dowd Studios, LLC) organization started this company back in 2003.  Jason was born in Bristol, CT on November 1, 1978 and moved to Florida in 1990.  Jason has a passion for the arts regardless of the medium.  He also enjoys antiques, the paranormal, sports, traveling and history/fairytales all of which inspire his work.  Jason is an award winning photographer who’s best known for his hauntingly beautiful collection “Dreams, Nightmares, Fears and Fantasy” which had it’s first debut to the world in Hong Kong, China.  Dowd was hired by the San Diego Voice and Viewpoint to cover the historic 2008 Democratic Primary stop of Sen. Barack Obama.  He’s been on FOX News, ABC News, and other TV appearances with his photography.  He’s been on numerous radio and print articles as well.  He’s the founder and co-writer of The Expressionist Magazine and he’s a paranormal enthusiast and sports fanatic.  He lives in Tampa with his wife Fran and three wonderful dogs!


My art merges the past with the present, beauty with ugly, good with bad and tells stories that words are not powerful enough to convey.  I seek out and find elements that exemplify my inner mind and heart, to tell the story or strike the emotion I envisioned for each piece I create.




Being an artist is something that can’t be tamed. It’s something that holds no limitations. I never believed in limits. As far back as I can remember…all forms of art was my perfect remedy, my greatest escape. Everything from painting, (Salvador Dali as an inspiration) dancing, modeling,costume makeup, and music. I love to inspire and be inspired. Not one is more important than the other. Not in my eyes, anyway. The joy of reaching somebody’s heart through your own art is truly priceless.

Missy J. Wray is an exclusive model with Dowd Studios’s “Imagine-Nation” Art Studio playing mostly angels and fairies for my art series





Kimberly Penkava Rebman, aka Luna Rae, is a model specializing in horror and retro genres. She’s an aspiring actress, ghost hostess (to a series of upcoming ghost videos), Scream Queen, horror enthusiast, and was just chosen in June of 2014 (through a nationwide contest) as the cover gal and spokesperson for America’s #1 Halloween band, The Moon-Rays. In addition, she has been a paranormal investigator for 22 years, has written a book on Florida’s haunted history, and has worked as an editor and writer for two online magazines, Beyond the Limits and The Expressionist. She has appeared on numerous radio shows, and in newspapers and magazines, including the upcoming fall issue of the very popular Bachelor Pad Magazine. She lives in the Tampa Bay area with her two children, Chauncey and Anabella. For more information on Luna Rae, please go to www.facebook.MsLunaRae
Twitter:  @MoonGal76
More info on the Moon Rays:

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