My Love of Disney

A lot of people ask me “what is my fascination with Disney”?  I am a horror/macabre photographer as my primary subject so how does Disney tie into anything?  Well honestly it’s quite simple.

First and foremost I put politics aside.  Many people don’t appreciate Disney because of their liberal stance on many issues and oddly enough I’ve even run into liberals who don’t like their political beliefs.  So let me ask this question “WHAT DOES POLITICS HAVE ANYTHING TO DO WITH THEIR WORK?”  Absolutely nothing so that’s why politics and what they believe in has nothing to do with my ability to love or deny their company.  In fact I will NEVER boycott a place unless their agenda is so wrong that it deserves to be shut down.   Starbucks who said “if you are a Christian, we don’t need your money” made it loud and clear to me they don’t want me there so I’ll keep my hard earned money.  Disney has never said that.

Second part is the mystique that “Disney is just for children.”  Art is art, regardless what medium it is.  They have animated art which is probably one of the hardest forms of art in the world.  I appreciate their work on a professional/artistic level.

I also adore the vision that Walt Disney had from the humble beginnings when he started his animated shorts to his attempt on a full length animated movie “Snow White” which almost bankrupted him to his perseverance to continue with his dream.  That alone is inspiration for me and transforms into something I can compare my own self too.

Disney since the early 1920s has set out to amaze and entertain people; much like I do when I make my art.  He never wanted to scare anyone, especially children, so his work was always family friendly.  He had a vision for a park where his art could come to life and let children experience his movies and interact with the characters that were an extension of himself.

Disney World is that park!

When you enter Disney World you enter another place and time.  You are set back to the Victorian era and in a few short steps you are in modern times blasting off into space and time.  The park alone is a work of art where every blade of grass is perfectly cut… music erupts around you and cheer and good fortune are celebrated as many times during the day as possible.

Disney World boasts some of the most innovative spectacles the eyes can imagine from animations, 3D, light shows and more.  You can interact with fictional characters, walk through the movies you loved growing up and experience what is good in the world.

Every time I enter those gates I see things I didn’t before.  I turn back to a simpler time where I forget the hustle and bustle of the world.  I can be a child or an adult.  I look at the rides, the details that are enshrined in each ride and appreciate the hard work and artistry that went into that.

That’s what inspires me and my work each and every time and I model their vision to mine to keep me in focus of the ultimate goal.

Here are two quotes from Disney that I use for inspiration…

When you believe in a thing, believe in it all the way, implicitly and unquestionable” – Walt Disney

“Do what you do so well that they will want to see it again and bring their friends” – Walt Disney

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