Newly Named Imaginators

Jason Dowd has OFFICIALLY Announced two Imaginators to his Team

It’s been a long year already for Jason Dowd, owner of Dowd Studios, LLC.  First he launches a brand new art studio focused on nothing but his art; but he also announced that two new people will join him as “Imaginators.”  Those individuals are Kimberly “Luna Rae” Penkava-Rebman and Melissa “Missy” Wray.

Imaginators are a term coined by Dowd as someone who will help make the magic happen.  They are exclusive models to the studio who will: appear in many of the photos, more than most others will.  They will have an active role in planning and executing art projects from this art studio and they will be a face recognized within the organization and they will dare to dream.

Dowd has a very ambitious plan especially as it nears Halloween (which is probably one of the most popular times for his work).  The plan includes launching his new series “Enchanted”, a movie and more.  Both women will have a bit part in each of these tasks.

You’ve seen both ladies in his “Morbid Sensation” series.  Wray was the featured face of “The Fallen Angel”.  The popularity of that series made his choice to add her as an Imaginator.  You also seen her in Dowd’s award-winning Coca-Cola Pinup photo with his dog Puppy.

Outside of Imagine-Nation Art Studio Missy enjoys a singing career in R&B and Hip Hop.  She’s a gifted crafter, jeweler and model.

Rebman has been seen in “The Garden of Death” and “Marionette”.  Dowd has known Rebman since 2007 when she started to edit and write for his “Expressionist Magazine” and “Beyond the Limits”.  They are like brother and sister and always have each other’s backs.

Rebman is the spokeswomen and icon to the popular band “The Moon-Rays”.  She’s the author of “Haunted Florida: A Guide to the Departed Soul”, she’s a paranormal investigator and she’s the mother to Dowd’s God-Daughter.

“I am so honored to have these ladies accept my invitation to become Imaginators.  This job is perfect for endless dreamers who posses a mind full of passion and creativity to make those dreams into reality.  Both of these ladies have a special place in my heart as I consider them sisters.  To work with them is going to be a dream come true!” – Jason Dowd Owner of Imagine-Nation Art Studio

The focal point of Rebman’s place as an Imaginator will be both glam in our “PinUp” series and she will portray the dark side “The paranormal”.  Wray will also be in the glam “PinUp” series and she will be a leading face as Dowd’s fairies and angels.

This trio is set and poised to create some amazing works of art that will blow your mind.

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