One Haunting Place

I love abandoned places.  I listen to what these places have to say because walls do talk you just have to listen.  I’ve seen all kinds of places from Victorian houses in ruins to modern homes abandoned and forgotten.  Like most things forgotten, including humans, it doesn’t take long for them to deteriorate. When that happens people tend to look the other way or do what ever it takes to forget about it, even if that means destroying it.

With all the buildings I’ve come across that are abandoned, one of the places that gives me the chills most is not a home.  What gives me the chills are abandoned malls.

Think about it… imagine all the people who came through those halls every day.  Listen to the crowd noise, the tantrums of children wanting something from a store, the smell of food from the food court and music blaring to entice the buyers.  If you look harder in the atrium you can see Santa and tall Christmas trees trying to get you in the spirit of Christmas.  It can be one of the happiest places on earth… then one day it turns into a nightmare.

The ruins of these malls tell those stories.  You see escalators that no longer work, and fountains that dried up. You see stores that once carried beautiful things for people to buy.  You see the atrium that once held Santa Claus.  You hear no music, you see no people but you can feel their energy.  During it’s hay day, this mall had people (bad people) rob it, and it had great people buying stuff.  It had stores with owners hoping to make it big.  Now when you look around you can feel that, you can maybe see it because all that energy is still contained in the walls.

Close your eyes and vision it.  Look at these photos and hear the story it tells.  WHAT HAPPENED?  Listen and the walls will tell you.



  Jason Dowd  /    April 28, 2015  /   Jason's Journal  /   0 Comments
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