Racism Must DIE

Racism must die and it starts with each and everyone of us.  Racism is bred  from ignorance and intolerance; two traits that can be easily rectified at any given time once someone decides they don’t want to walk through life wearing blinders anymore.  Now more than ever racism is rearing it’s ugly face completely shadowing the beauty we could embrace.

Reverse racism is more rampant now than it ever was.  Yes reverse racism exists despite what the media and other races say.  If you promote hate toward anyone of another race, and WHITE is a race, you are a racist.  I’m starting to hear people being afraid or disgusted to be white.

I was pretty sure that once we had a minority as President racism would become a nothing more than a memory, except that is NOT the case at all.  Sadly, it’s more rampant and more ignited than it’s been since before the 1960s.  Races are using their skin color to manipulate things to benefit them.  There are four individuals who spew race out of every other word they utter.  Why?  Because they are able to benefit from it.  They do so by promoting hate, using the word bigot and completely attacking anyone in their path.  If you don’t agree with the President (who is half black) you are then called a racist and bigot for hating the minority.  They have not separated the idea that hating or disagreeing with someone’s point of view has nothing to do with hating the person themselves.  In doing so, they have bridged the gap larger than it ever has been before, making the work of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. in vain!

We have politically corrected ourselves into slaves, regardless what color we are.  We are so intolerant of everything that anger has clouded the beauty of being unique.

One of the main causes, as I stated earlier is politically correcting ourselves.  For instance if you are black, it’s OFFENSIVE to call them what they are… black.  Instead they are African-Americans… there’s that darn hyphen of doom.  See by forcing that you are telling every Spanish, White, German, etc., etc. that lives in this country that you are OFFENDED to be called American!  The reason is African is before American.

Now I don’t know about you but when we won our sovereign right to become our own country in 1776, we became a country recognized by the world.  That means, upon being born in the borders of the U.S. YOU ARE AMERICAN.  Sure everyone in this country has foreign roots, but 98% of us have never even stepped foot out of this country, so how can you be called African-American, or Cuban-American?  YOU ARE AMERICAN!

As we go down this path, let me say that there are some black individuals that are NOT from Africa.  There are some very dark Haitians, Dominican Republic, Jamaican’s, Barbados, and even from countries in South America.  How are they African?  They aren’t.  The only one’s in my opinion that can use that dreaded hyphen are the ones that were born in another country and came to America and became a citizen.  Their children, if born in this country would then be American and American only.  My Great Grandfather came from Germany in 1905.  He came here and became a citizen, thus was a German-American.  My  Grandmother was born in the US, and therefore is an American as is my mom and me.

African American, Cuban American, German American, Canadian American and every other hyphened American to me is more offensive than any other word you can use.  It divides us and adds more labels.  Once you label something it’s hard to remove it.  So anytime we talk about someone we must say the country of their roots before the country they were born in, and we can’t be American!  We have to bring race into everything.

I also see people of the same race use insulting racial slurs when referring to themselves.  It’s like you can’t call me a Cracker but I can call another white person Cracker… NOPE!  Double standard police…. WOOT WOOOT, pull over!  Using that amongst your own group for others to hear shows a complete double standard.  If you don’t like the word, DON’T USE IT!

So now that I am off my soap box, I’ve decided to create something beautiful that I hope will someday impact our views on racism.  My collection is called “A Beautiful World”.  It depicts people from the various countries dressed in traditional attire.  I mix scenic backgrounds that enhance the beauty surrounding the individual and their native land.  I want to show people that we are all human and our diversity makes this world an amazing place to see.  I want to open the eyes of my viewers to what they are missing and by seeing their uniqueness, they can see what an amazing world we live in.

This series is NOT for sale.  It’s to view and appreciate our fellow man, educate so that we can wipe out ignorance and enhance tolerance the keys to keeping racism alive.  I call for people like Jesse Jackson to stop using race every time he opens his mouth and those like him.  I beg those who live in this country to stop bringing up the past and move towards a great future, and to stop thinking you are entitled.  Those who were slaves are entitled not us unless you worked as a slave.  I beg you to stop hyphenating our cultures and call yourselves American’s.  I also beg you to stop using the color of our skin to get things we don’t deserve or use it to put fear into others to control a better outcome!

Together we can destroy racism and wipe it from the earth, but we can’t do it till we learn tolerance and educate ourselves.  I hope you enjoy the series and please tell me what you think about it.  It’s on going, the photos are NOT for sale and I am always taking requests for people who want to participate.

  Jason Dowd  /    October 1, 2014  /   Jason's Journal  /   0 Comments
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