Story Behind: Demon Vs. Angel

This particular series has a very personal meaning behind it because it’s based on a true story.  The series happened to be my second shoot in the “Dreams, Nightmares, Fears and Fantasy collection” Volume 1.

The story started in 1993 when I was in 8th grade middle school, around January.  Without going into the whole story and the instances behind it; which was quite intense by the way, I will tell you what is important.  During the time between January of 1993 and August 1993 I was in a transition period in my life.

Things were happening to me that were about to change my life around forever.  I was about ready to graduate 8th grade in just a few month.  I was also about to be confirmed in the Lutheran faith in April.  I was getting ready to enter high school and taking lots of tests.  Just a few months prior, when I was at the end of my 7th grade year I came down with one of the most intense cases of chicken pox the doctor had ever seen. In May I was going to break my hand. To top it off my parents were in the midst of a divorce and I was about to go to Connecticut to spend the summer with family while that happened.

So why are these transitions important?  Well, having so many life changes at one particular time in ones life you are stretched thin and you can become vulnerable.  That is exactly what was happening to me which opened myself up to one of the worst haunts in my life.

I had always seen ghosts.  Saw my first ghost in 1986.  However this was different because this ghost was going to target me directly, not to communicate but to dominate.  This ghost was never a human, it was a demon, an angel of Satan.  It chose me because I was easy pickins’s as most southern’s say.

I wasn’t going to be an easy target as it thought.  It would haunt me every night making things move, scratching me, carving letters into my chest, throwing me around the room, and keeping me up which drove my energy down.  As it drives your energy down it weakens you which can allow you to make bad decisions.  This really didn’t happen, I always stood my ground and realized that God gave me the gift of free will.  Everyone has it and we all use it.  Once you give up your free will to a demon, it controls you; I refused to do that which made the haunt worse.

It came to it’s culmination later on that year, in August, right before High School started for me.  I refused to let it hurt my family as it said it was going to do.  Terrified I used the power of the Bible and Christ to drive it away from me.  Oddly enough it worked but I never understood why it went so easily, especially by a 12 year old boy.  Regardless it was gone, I had more intense senses than ever before and I was a stronger person.  It drove me to be stronger in my faith.

This story is something that is easy to tell, but to show people was a different story.  That’s where the Demon Vs. Angel series came into play.  I realized early in life that good will always win over evil but it may take a while to do so.  As long as there is evil the size of a speck of dust, there will never be peace on earth.

Demon Vs. Angel had to be intense so I found a brother/sister combo who like most siblings have fought but can also play off and read each other’s emotions.  They must know how to pluck the other’s nerves.  They did that beautifully.

About 3 months before I shot this photo series I was told that I was a twin.  My twin was a female who never was born as she died in the womb.  She was my guardian angel and she was the one that protected me and helped me rid my life of that demon.  So it was only fitting I find a female to play the angel.

The photos I took were different than any other I’ve shot to date because they tell a story.  I can’t just show one I must show them all in the right order or it means nothing.  It describes how the demon entered my room each night and what I believed the show down took place in the other realm the night my sister and I defeated it.


The Saxon House before renovations


I chose the “Saxon House” which is a historic house in downtown Brooksville owned by Gen. Frank Saxon.  The house was built in 1875.  Saxon was a judge, a police officer, a congressman and a Civil War hero for the confederacy.  He also was a leading member of the Brooksville KKK.  The house as it stood at that time was in complete disarray; honestly it should have been condemned and bulldozed but that urban decay was calling me and made for a great background for my shoot.  Since there were no windows and the doors wide open, we were able to go inside.

This story is very powerful to me and the pictures helped.  To read the whole story you can buy my book “A Haunted Soul” on Amazon and Lulu.  There you will find the whole story in full detail along with some other stories that became reality in my photo series.


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