Story Behind: Left Behind

I’ve been told this is one of the creepier shoots I’ve ever put out.  As you may notice the photo finds a woman who looks very intimidating.  She’s inside this asylum if you will which looks to be abandoned.

Over the years she’s grown quite angry and hostile over her situation.  She was completely forgotten even after the place closed; forcing her to starve and fend for herself.  That is what makes her bitter.

As you look at the photo you may feel uneasy, even sad for this young woman and dare I say maybe even a bit intimidated.  You probably wonder how anyone could forget this woman.  How could anyone do this to her?  She has every right to be angry.

These thoughts are very human.  Human’s sympathize with people who are in trouble.  However if you thought the thoughts I just mentioned then you misread the entire story and plot behind this photo.

The photo was meant to trick you.  The photo was meant to get someone angry and feel sorry for them so that you would jump and help that individual.  The trick was the same trick most people do to others today.  Adults today have found ways to manipulate others through emotions that tear at our heartstrings.

I believe that regardless of an individual’s situation there is no reason they can’t fend for themselves.  We do not need 24/7 assistance, we do not need handouts or anything else for that matter all the time.  Those who give into this behavior are doing more damage to that individual than good because it breeds laziness and growth.  In reality those who give in are the victims.  Granted some people need 24 hour care and that’s OK, but most people who get others to assist them monetarily or do their hard work for them are perfectly capable.

Just look around and you will see it.  Those individuals, like the woman in the photo, become a social leech.

So how is this woman tricking you?  Look at her, is she strapped to the chair?  NO!  She’s about to stand up.  Is she helpless?  NO!  Look at her she has no major ailment that you can see can you?  You can only assume she is mentally unfit but that would only be an assumption.  However the REAL trick does not come from the woman in this picture.  The trick is you aren’t seeing the whole picture.

Look closely around her.  You see doors leading all the way down the hall.  You see windows without bars on them.  She’s inside the establishment so all she has to do is turn the handle of the door and it will open.  The abandoned building is simply keeping outside people from coming in, it doesn’t stop inside people from going outside.  All she has to do is break a window and crawl out or open a door and walk out.

She has kept herself there all along; she could leave anytime she wanted to.  Instead she chose not to and hoped to gain sympathy and assistance based on your emotions towards her “so called” helplessness and horrific treatment.  She’s effectively enabled you to gain from her choices!

All too often we fall victim to people like this.  We want to make everyone happy, nobody wants to anger anyone.  We are too quick to say yes instead of no because we don’t want to hurt people; even though saying yes could essentially hurt that caring individual.  We want to change people by giving them free stuff.  It’s a great gesture but in 99.9% of those cases the individual doesn’t get the hint and become better off.  Like the saying goes “the poor will remain poor no matter how much money you give them.”  The reason is if you give them 50 cents, many of them want a $1.00.  They are never satisfied.

We have signs like “don’t feed the animals” because they become more and more dependent with our handouts that it kills their lack to thrive.  The same goes for humans.

It’s great to help someone else out, it’s the right thing to do but we must help them become self sufficient in the process.  We should know when to walk away and while helping individuals out let them stand on their own two feet.  Think of it like training wheels, they don’t let us fall but as we use these temporary braces, we must learn to balance on the bike for ourselves.


  Jason Dowd  /    March 31, 2015  /   Jason's Journal  /   0 Comments
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