Artistic Video Production

Imagine-Nation Art Studios artistic video production department is dedicated to creating exceptional original television, reality shows, movies and music video content.  We want to entertain viewers while providing shows with integrity, excitement, lessons, morals and things we’ve lost throughout the years.

We have the ability to produce our own content in house or sub contract to help create a crew of professional artists to assist with productions from other independent film makers and studios.

To visit our TV channel on Roku titled “IAS Broadcasting Network” visit

Current Productions include:


Reading Adventures is a show dedicated to reading for children ages 3 to 12.  Each episode explores a new book that will teach a moral, value, or situation and bring it to life with actual people, places or things that bring the video to life.  There are puppets and interactive material contained in QR2 codes that appear here and there throughout specific episodes bringing you to hidden treasures.