For Models

I couldn’t be where I am today if it wasn’t for the amazing models that help me create my art.   I appreciate all my models and do what ever it takes to make it an amazing professional working experience with me.  I will treat you like family and once you shoot you ARE family!

My philosophy is “REAL AS POSSIBLE” when it comes to my work.  That means I put in a lot of research and look for the best possible costumes, styles, and locations to make my shoots AMAZING!  I do not like or try not to use poses, it looks fake in many ways so I always look for natural.  What you will soon realize after working with me, I do not force poses as much as possible because I found that most models will create something that works without thinking about it.  I don’t bark orders or push you to your limits.  Why?  It’s because I wouldn’t want that done to me so why would I do it to anyone else.  It also doesn’t pose any benefit or make the photos any better.

I WON’T ASK YOU TO DO ANYTHING I WOULDN’T DO MYSELF – That’s my personal guarantee.  I will never make you do something you are uncomfortable with.  If something doesn’t sit right with you, just let me know and we’ll do something else.  It’s just that simple.



I want to make you happy so compensation can come in a variety of forms.  We will be happy to accommodate you the way you feel is fair.

TFP (Time For Photos) – Yes we do TFP shoots.  You will be given all final photos for you to use for your own personal use.  The only thing I ask that if it’s used anywhere to please give credit to Imagine-Nation Art Studios.  If it’s sold or you want to sell it please talk to us first.  MOST of our photos are able to be sold.  If you do a TFP shoot with me, if a photo sells you get 50% of the profit.  This is a 50/50 venture and therefore you are compensated as such for the life of the commission.  If you do not want a piece of art sold please let me know in advance – those photos will be shown in exhibitions, online but not sold for any reason.  All images remain the copyright ownership of Imagine-Nation Art Studios with full license to display for the models.

Monetary Compensation – If you want to be paid, simply let me know what your fees are.  If we agree on the fee I will gladly pay you.  However, a monetary compensation for a photo shoot means that we retain 100% of the copyright and full rights to the photos.  We may allow you to display or use it.  But models will not have the option to further compensation if a photo sells nor will have the option to deny the right for this studio to sell it.

Travel – If you would like some money to travel to us or to a location that is fine.  Gas is expensive!  This is given for either paid shoots or TFP.  Just ask.



We very rarely shoot nude photos because we prefer amazing costumes and makeup.  However if you need a nude photo for your comp sheets or something you want to do we will accommodate it.  We will ONLY shoot artistic nudes or implied nudes.  That means we will not shoot anything pornographic in nature (toys, spreading or grabbing genitals, etc.)  In order to photograph nudes we will adhere to a strict guideline outlined here:

  • Model must be 18 or older
  • Model must provide a valid state issued ID which we will photograph for our records
  • Model will sign a liability release kept on file
  • Model ABSOLUTELY can bring someone with them for these kinds of shoots.  The only thing we ask is they not interrupt the shoot or get in the way.
  • ALL Nude shoots are paid shoots (NO EXCEPTION)


Buddy System

Many photographers are against having a companion accompany the model to a shoot.  That is NOT the case here.  You are free to bring anyone you choose.  We ask though that they stay out of the way during production so they do not interrupt.


Children Models Under 18

Any children models under the age of 18 must be accompanied by their parents or legal guardian.  We will do 30 minute shoots then we will allow a 15 to 20 minute break.  Parent or guardian must also sign a release for the photos



Want to be more than a model?  Want to help collaborate ideas and projects even with the ones you star in?  Then ask about being an Imaginator.  Imaginators are valuable collaborators with this studio.  You are featured in the about us section of the site and are extremely valuable to this studio.  Costs nothing to do, just ask!


If you are interested in shooting with us, we have a variety of projects that you may be interested in.  Please look over what we offer and let us know if one interests you.

IMG_8153 Morbid Sensations

This collection infuses beauty with the strange and unusual, morbid or horror.  It’s a theatrical production with a lot of special effects, costumes and makeup.  We focus on the beauty but infuse a little weirdness that captivates our audience!

10922283_10153420883341419_2946729689352322484_oGothic / Steampunk Beauty

This infuses the best of the Gothic culture and Steampunk Victorian into one series.  We can do either Gothic or Steampunk or we can combine them.  It’s a fabulous collection that has beautiful costumes, masks, makeup, and more.

1925153_10152262573831419_760253112_n A Beautiful World

This series is designed to show the beauty of diversity, portraying each country and culture in their native dress.  It’s our attempt to wipe out racism through education.  Our goal is to have a representative of every country in the world.

IMG_0961 4x6A Walk Though Time

This is a pinup series that incorporates pinups from 1920s to 1960s.  We also incorporate rockabilly, Hollywood Noire, Victorian, Edwardian and other turn of the century style shoots and even lingerie/nudes


This is a brand new series that involves fairies, gnomes, princesses, magic, or anything else you would find in a fairytale book.  These can tell a story or have a fantasy feel.