The REAL Cindy Crawford

Ever since I can remember Cindy Crawford has been one of the most recognized faces in fashion and modeling.  Her beauty has never seemed to shy away despite the fact she’s in her 50s.

Regardless of her age it seems as if she found the fountain of youth because she’s never aged at all according to her photos.  I’ve never seen one wrinkle or one blemish on her skin as she appears flawless on every magazine you see her on.


Cindy Crawford recently released an “unedited” photo of her self in lingerie.   It paints a different picture of the flawless super model unlike anything we’ve seen before.

Crawford has a stomach typical of someone who has given birth.  Her face shows the war of life she’s been through.  Her skin is a bit more patchy as everyone’s skin gets as they age and for the first time we see the true Cindy Crawford… and she couldn’t be more beautiful!

As more people start to realize how dangerous over photoshopping photographs can be to impressionable young children and teens and even adults the attack on the industry has grown.  Many models and celebrities are stepping up saying “you are beautiful” and accept who you are and now Crawford joins the group.

It isn’t easy to do what Crawford did especially when her livelihood is based on her super good looks and impeccable body. The problem is you can’t hide behind photoshop for ever.

What we fail to recognize is that every imperfection is a medal we earn as we fight each day to live.  Each wrinkle, each imperfection stands as a testament to how strong we are and strength is beautiful.  Crawford won’t get a medal or a wrinkle from this photo shoot but she earns respect.

Now when we see her on a magazine cover with flawless skin we will know that it’s not her.  We can now see how much photo manipulation they do to those who grace magazine covers and articles.  We can see that beauty we see on these commercial shoots are not true beauty, it’s perceived and computer generated beauty.

I am so proud of Crawford and her willingness to show this photo.  I hope women everywhere can stand up and realize that they are perfect and anyone who can’t see that isn’t worth their time.  Nobody should starve or subject themselves to expensive and dangerous surgery just to make themselves what they feel is  “acceptable” beauty to those around them.


  Jason Dowd  /    February 15, 2015  /   Jason's Journal  /   0 Comments
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