The Thrill of the Hunt

As a photographer, one of the most important aspects to me when shooting a photo series is authenticity.   I want people to know what era it is by the style of the hair, costume or location.  Something you may not know is that 85% of my photographs are NOT shot in studio.

When I create a piece there are things I look for to make the shoot powerful or mystifying.  One of the most important aspects to achieve that is the location of the shoot.

Sometimes I spend months searching for the right spot.  I scope out places as I drive down the street.  Sometimes I search Google Earth looking for places out of the ordinary that will help me capture a sensation  a photo needs.  Sometimes it comes easy, sometimes it’s an all out manhunt.  These pieces are like a mystery, you have to search out and put them all together with painstaking patience.  When it all comes together it solidifies the process and shows you that patience pays off.

Some other things you may not know about my work is that generally I use natural lighting.  I prefer it because you can use the “feedback” if you will to tell a great story and add power to the shoot; something that can get lost with studio photography.  If you knew some of the archaic ways I do it, it would make you scratch your head in disbelief but make you appreciate the piece all the more.  I try, at all possible, to make most of the effects and lighting with the camera – not with photoshop.

The thrill of the hunt, in the end, comes together in a series I hope will inspire – amaze – astound and impress.  When you get all the pieces, mix it in with hard work, you see my vision or the story in a picture that you can see and hold for years to come… a dream that is now personified on paper.

I love what I do and how I do it.  I hope you do too when you see the pieces.  Some of them may make sense to you, some don’t and that’s perfectly OK with me.

  Jason Dowd  /    November 29, 2014  /   Jason's Journal  /   0 Comments
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