To Understand a Woman

Men are always saying “I just don’t understand women, they say one thing but mean another.  I don’t know if I will ever get them”.  It’s true, women can be very hard to understand because men are blind when it comes to women.

Men are so interested in looking at the woman’s chest or butt.  They want to know how much junk in the trunk they have or how they can twerk it; and that does say something about women but it doesn’t show you the whole picture to grasp the deep meaning women throw at us.

I’ve proven that through many pieces of my art.  I have men and women looking at pieces of mine and women usually feel something while men are quick to point out if they think the woman is hot or not.  The men usually miss the emotion and feeling behind the picture because they fail to see anything past her body.  If they have no attraction to them, they don’t like the photo.

See there is a trick to my photos.  Each photo if you look hard enough, will tell a story and strike emotion.  I use a trick to understanding women, something I’ve learned over the years, in my pictures. Unless you know what you’re looking for you will miss it.  It’s why I choose to portray women more than men.

Women can control their body language.  They can easily trick you with posture that can make you think they are mad when really they are testing you.  They can make you think everything is OK with her voice or posture but really she’s dying inside.  She can trick you with her words, she can cry when she’s not upset and therefore it’s very hard to depict her true emotions or her true feelings.

There is one place though that she can’t hide or trick you.  If you know where it is, you will see the amazing passion she truly possesses.  I think women actually have to hide it because if they were to show their full passion, be it bad or good, it would cripple us.  It’s so powerful that sometimes I have to pull myself away; but it’s probably the most incredible feeling in the world.

The spot I am talking about is her eyes.  Men don’t look into their eyes as much anymore.  If you look at the structure of her eyes while looking deep into her pupils as a whole and block out the rest of the world you will see everything you want to know.  The reason is a woman’s eyes are the pathway to her heart, mind and soul.  A woman can lie with her body and words but she’s incapable of lying with her eyes, her emotions and thoughts are too powerful but they hide in a spot most men fail to look at.

If you see her eyes, you will see true beauty.  She can completely mesmerize and hypnotize you.  There you will see her true spirit, her true emotions and her true thoughts.  I don’t need to see her body, I need to see her eyes.

Men on the other hand can completely lie through their eyes but they wear their emotions on the outside (for most men).  That’s why women can read us so well.

ALL of my photos have models with gorgeous eyes.  Each one feels her part and portrays that power through her eyes.  Look at my pictures and concentrate on the models eyes and tell me it’s not one of the most powerful pieces you’ve ever seen.  I take extra time to emphasize to the makeup artist or model herself the importance of the eyes.  So next time you look at my work, look at her eyes!

  Jason Dowd  /    October 11, 2014  /   Jason's Journal  /   0 Comments
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