Imagine-Nation Art Studio is a fully functional creative art and media production source for photography, art, full length and short movies, TV shows, radio/audio production, literary and graphics.

It was originally established by Internationally Exhibiting Artist Jason Dowd to showcase his photographic and fine art work; but soon incorporated his full production work.  This studio was established to branch off from his original studio Dowd Studios, LLC which is now more of a holding company for his endeavors.

With a profound passion to create eye popping and thought provoking images, Dowd established himself as a world showcasing artist having his work in Hong Kong, China and throughout the US.  It all started with his signature photograph “Death To Yesterday” which established his famous “Dreams, Nightmares, Fears and Fantasy” collections.  Today there are more than 5 collections and dozens of series outside of “DNFFC”

As a story teller it’s important for Dowd to tell amazing stories through his photographs; so some of his photographs have several photos in a series to elaborate that tale.

In 2014 Dowd pushed for more creative ways to show his work.  He dreamed of bringing his work to life making it stand out.  After a trip to Walt Disney World, where he experienced a rare “glitch” in a 3D show, he managed to see how 3D looked and acted.  By the time he arrived home that night, he put together a series of 3D images from his collections which have blown the minds of viewers alike.

Realizing the potential of the 3D he took his work to a whole new level inspired by greats like Walt Disney, Nickelodeon and other networks… he set out to make use of his video capture and editing skills.

Today, he’s working to produce top quality TV, movie and radio shows in addition to his art.  He wants Imagine-Nation Art Studio to follow in the footsteps of those great studios of the 20th century.  He vows to create quality programming with amazing art that will make this studio a beloved household name.

Large Assignments

  •  2008 – Commissioned by the San Diego Voice and View Point to photograph Sen. Barack Obama
  • Video the CrueFest 2 Tour when it came to Tampa in 2009
  • Official Photographer for AMP Wrestling 2013-2014
  • Hired by HOK Architects in 2007
  • Video and Photographed Chef Robert Hesse from Hell’s Kitchen Season 5 and and started his Never Trust a Skinny Chef video series
  • Photographed Angelo Dundee