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Jason Dowd
Born: November 1, 1978
Place: Bristol, CT
Current Residence: New Port Richey, FL


Art is a way of life for Jason Dowd.  From an early age he created various forms of artwork using various mediums, but none was as profound to him for his own work than photography.

Dowd has a unique sense of beauty as he finds it in the decrepit places most people see as an eye sore.  He finds beauty and stories deep inside urban decay.  He searches for a story to tell that’s impacted for viewers by tapping into their senses.

Additionally, Dowd is fascinated by Steam Punk, Gothic culture, Pinup and diverse races that make up this world around us.

He finds inspiration where ever he goes because he keeps his eyes open for things that will make the perfect embellishment for a photo or looks for the story that inspires him to tell it to the world as only he can.

Growing up Dowd found Disney to be a fascinating individual, one of which he mimics his own work ethic after.  Like Disney, Dowd believes if you care do dream you can accomplish anything.  After reading the biography of Disney, he realized how inspiring he really is and hopes one day, Imagine-Nation Art Studio will be able to produce high quality art and videos that will entertain his followers for years to come.

He’s also inspired by the work of Salvador Dali.  He loves his strange and unusual perception of things and how he managed to express it so fluently in his work.  Like Disney, you will see a lot of similarities of Dali in his work.

Dowd dares to portray things most people find “macabre”, “depressing” or simply “he didn’t just go there”.  He’s not afraid to show the world there is good in the bad if you look to find it.  He understands there is a balance necessary to thrive in life of good and evil – but in the end good will always prevail.

His rise to fame came with his signature piece “Death to Yesterday”.  The photo is a vision of the recurring dream he had after one of his best friends death.  That picture and it’s hidden message is so profound it landed him in various news papers and galleries across the world.  It also started his famous “Dreams, Nightmares, Fears and Fantasy” collection.

In addition to his art work, Dowd hosts the AME Radio Show, the AME TV Show, and writes for the AME Magazine.  He’s also the co-host of the “Horror Express” podcast with Ron Hood.  He produces a variety of music videos and TV shows for other hosts and bands, and he’s an award winning photographer.

Dowd is passionate about helping stray and abandoned animals especially senior animals find a forever home.  He’s also an advocate for MS (Multiple Sclerosis), a disease that he’s suffering from.


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